Bergamo Film Meeting dedicates the 2018 “Animated cinema” section to the Slovenian animator ŠPELA ČADEŽ

Bergamo Film Meeting confirms, for its upcoming 2018 edition, a section “Animated cinema” will be dedicated to the Slovenian animator Špela Čadež.

I grew up in Yugoslavia where kids’ TV programs were composed mostly of Eastern European animations. We could watch only one or two per day, and some more on Sunday morning. Those were very strong impulses for all of us, although I am not sure if that was the real reason for me to start working in the field of animation,” says Špela Čadež.

5a6084510070dŠpela Čadež is a young animator, director and producer from Slovenia. After a degree in Visual Communication Design (2002) in Ljubljana, she continued her studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Department of Media Design. During her studies in Germany, she made two animated films using the puppet animation technique, which earned remarkable international accolades: Zasukanec (Mate to Measure, 2014) and Liebeskrank (Lovesick, 2007). In Last Minute (2010) Špela collaborated with Swiss director Marina Rosset. In 2013 came Boles, another puppet animation feature; distributed worldwide, it earned over 50 awards and nominations. In 2016 she directed Nighthawk; in cut-out animation, it’s a completely different work from her previous films and has participated in many festivals such as Sundance and Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, earning remarkable recognition. For 10 years, Špela has been working as a director and independent producer of animated films with the Finta production company in Ljubljana. Orange is the New Black – Unraveled is her latest work, a funny puppet animation commissioned by the Netflix TV series. Špela Čadež will be a guest of the Festival and she will lead two masterclass, one in Milan and the other one
in Brescia.

Along with those already announced, Bergamo Film Meeting 2018 has many other big surprises in store about animated cinema. The KINO CLUB section, featuring a selection of films from all over the world – ranging from classics to more recent and contemporary productions in animated film – specifically aimed to expose the younger audiences to art house cinema.

During the 36th edition of Bergamo Film Meeting will be held a tribute to Animateka, the international animated film festival that take place every year in Ljubljana. Animateka’s artist director Igor Prassel will be a guest in Bergamo and he will present the “Best Of” the last edition of the Slovenian film festival.

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Marta Obršálová